Jafza’s Tumoohi Programme

We at Jafza believe in creating a brighter future for generations to come.
We want to help grow the next generation of professionals by sharing the leadership perspective and skills that made Jafza a worldwide business force. Our goal with the Tumoohi Programme, a first of its kind, is to help you achieve the future you want in a UAE that rises up to your expectations. All you need is a chance. Here it is! We’re sure you will take it.

Our ambition is to become the industry gold standard for nurturing and developing Emirati Youth for the corporate world in UAE. We believe this is part of our moral and social responsibility by giving back to society. Through our collaboration with the Universities, Ministry multi–national companies and other key partners, we aim to improve the image of Emirati talent within the corporate sector.

An opportunity for a head start!

Finding the right job and working for the right company are one of the biggest challenges facing today’s youth graduating from Universities. The right mix can ensure a steady career path, marked success and a steadily rising income.

Both government and private sector organizations are competing to attract only the most promising and talented Emiratis, as the UAE job market continues to become more competitive by the day, with hiring companies becoming more demanding and selective by the day.

While there are several factors that set one candidate apart from the hundreds of others vying for any position, one of the key deciding factors, most recruiters and HR Managers agree, is the quality and duration of “internship” or corporate work experience gained by a candidate during and soon after graduation.

Thus, in order to support young Emirati graduates, Jafza has developed “Tumoohi”. This unique training programme aims to equip the next generation of business leaders with the right skill sets and experience required to cater to the diverse needs of the UAE, and create a highly talented and competitive pool of the Emirati workforce.

Tumoohi offers you the unique opportunity to develop your skills and gain the experience you need to land a job – a job that meets your standards.

For 6 to one year, you will be fully immersed and focused on a specific corporate function, and taking on various active project responsibilities inside the Jafza community. These functions could be across various aspects of our business from Marketing, to Business Development, Customer Service, Accounting, HR, Information Technology and Administration and many more.

As a participant of the Tumoohi programme, you will receive close mentoring from highly experienced professionals in the industry, where you will acquire valuable practical experience, problem solving skills, business training and other soft skills.

At the end of the programme, you will emerge a well-formed and experienced young professional, ready to meet the requirements of employers in theory and in practice.