Corporate Social Responsibility

At Jafza, we firmly believe that our true success lies not in our financial performance alone, but in how we contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate.
As a business, we seek to ensure that the needs of all our stakeholders, including clients, staff and the very cities in which we operate are at the forefront of our operations. We are committed to entrenching our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach into the core of our business.

The four pillars of our CSR approach

We are driven by always keeping our stakeholders’ needs at the forefront and have built our CSR programmes around four focus areas that enrich the communities, stakeholders and our very business with active engagement in responsible undertakings.


At Jafza, we believe that employees are the company’s greatest asset and that together we build a successful and rewarding environment. With positive employee satisfaction and a rewarding environment, value is created that ultimately translates into customer satisfaction, loyalty and improved overall organisational performance. A number of programmes and guidelines ensure key objectives including providing equal opportunities, training and development, rewards and recognition and specialised benefits and services positively impact employee social welfare.


One of Jafza’s key CSR objectives is to engage all stakeholders in our community initiatives. This increases the impact our programmes have, while encouraging a stronger sense of community and commitment from all. We aim to facilitate all Jafza stakeholders undertaking their own CSR activities, ultimately magnifying the benefits of the community. To encourage stakeholder engagement, we create seminars and workshops to involve our business partners and customers to learn and share their own experiences and ultimately entrench CSR practices into their business operations.


Environmental stewardship is an essential concern for all stakeholders at Jafza and the globe at large. We are committed to preserving the environment and to promoting environmentally friendly practices throughout our operations. Our environmental policy covers various aspects of the environment ranging from energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building standards and planting and can be seen implemented throughout Jafza. We strongly believe that conserving resources and reducing negative environmental impact is the responsibility of each individual living on this planet, as a result we strive to adopt best environmental practices and reduce our carbon footprint.


Extending our reach across the community to add value and positively contribute to the well being of society as a whole is at the core of Jafza’s CSR. Both locally and globally, we invest in causes identified to meet particular criteria and have a positive impact. Through donations, sponsorships and creating community events, we support organisations and individuals making positive change. Our community reach includes Ramadan Iftars in collaboration with Jafza customers throughout the holy month of Ramadan, participating in community-wide sporting events like the Dubai Marathon, as well as supporting the UAE Government through National Day celebration activities.