Customised Development Solutions in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone

Customised Development Solutions for industry-specific needs

Jafza Customised Development solutions allow customers to fully meet their operational and corporate needs including function, image and workplace strategy. We work in partnership with our customer and other key stakeholders to deliver bespoke end to end solutions that meet specific, demand driven requirements.

Our Customised Development solutions team provides occupiers with unparalleled levels of flexibility and efficiency in relation to designing and delivering build to suit facilities that offer a competitive advantage to our occupiers, promoting sustainable growth and stability.

The Customised Development service offering is a turnkey development product that includes extensive services ranging from network planning, site selection, design and project management to development and integration of customer specific infrastructure/superstructure.

Customised Development solutions are available on the following basis:

  • Long-term lease: Jafza designs, builds and delivers the facility as per customer specifications on a pre-determined occupational lease.
  • Ownership: Jafza designs, builds and delivers the facility as per customer requirements, budget and timeline.
  • Development Management: Jafza acts in the capacity of a development management consultant to assist the customer in developing the facility for a specific fee.

The above three options are designed to be flexible and accommodate customers’ preferred business model, growth aspirations and operational goals.

Customised Development solutions benefits

  • Building size, design and specifications: Customers can obtain the specific space they require that meets their technical requirements and reflects their brand and corporate image through architectural design and aesthetics.
  • Development risk: Jafza Customised Development solutions remove the risk of cost escalation due to construction cost overruns as we carry the cost and time risk on behalf of our customers during development.
  • Track record: The Jafza Customised Development team has a proven track record of delivering high quality solutions on time and on budget.
  • Quality and time: Customised Development has an established and dedicated team of experts in Industrial and Logistics development to ensure delivery of best in class, fast track solutions.
  • Flexibility: Customised Development solutions provide customers with flexibility and a variety of options in terms of tenure & utility.
  • Site selection: Customers are able to assist in site selection in order to secure a site that suits their specific budget, locational aspirations and business requirements.
  • Interior design and layout: Designing the building and interiors around work flow patterns allows for more efficient business operations.
  • Preservation of capital: With Customised Development solutions, we fund the development on a turn-key basis. Capital is precious, so whether an occupier is looking to buy or lease a property, the solutions we offer allow capital to be allocated towards their core business operations.
  • Stability of cashflows: Customised Development solutions can provide long-term visibility of future expenses so occupiers can effectively manage and allocate future cash flows allowing simplification of capital budgeting decisions.

For more information on our Customised Development solutions or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch with us using the form below:

Some of our Customised Developments


Ceva Logistics hub in Jafza

C&J Facility in Jafza

C&J Facility in Jafza

Internal view of the GE Facility in Jafza

Internal view of the GE Facility in Jafza