Why Dubai, Why Jafza

Why Dubai

Dubai is a prospering city with a high standard of living, which makes it an ideal location for starting and growing a business, day-to-day life and family needs.

As the business capital of the Middle East, Dubai is an international business hub with a wide range of opportunities for different activities and operations. Among the many reasons to make a base in Dubai and invest in the city are:

  • A liberal economy that is fully integrated with the world economy.
  • The city is strategically located between Europe, Asia and Africa and attracts approximately 5 million investors and tourists on an annual basis.
  • It is an one of the safest cities in the world with an incredibly low crime rate and a fair judicial system.
  • More than 200 nationalities and cultures call Dubai home, and they are constantly learning from one another and creating natural vibrancy and globalisation.
  • Dubai is well serviced by international and local financing and banking institutions.
  • There is an advanced educational system in place suited to the full spectrum of cultures and languages, including an array of public and private schools serving Emiratis and expatriates alike.
  • There is a world class integrated healthcare system that ensures excellent standards of treatment, making Dubai a globally recognised destination for medical care.
  • And finally, there are a plethora of entertainment options suited to all tastes, cultures and budgets.

As far back as the 13th century, Dubai was described as a bustling commercial centre by Marco Polo when he visited the growing hub. Dubai has continued to grow throughout history, and has maintained its status as one of the world’s leading commercial centres.

Discover Dubai’s platform for yourself and investigate what makes the top talent from across the globe converge on this metropolis.

Why Jafza

Jafza is one of the most competitive locations to establish your business and see it grow.
Here your business will benefit from:

  • A customised platform for global connectivity
  • Connections with a network of business leaders with a history of success
  • An easy operating environment created around simplifying your operations

All within the dynamic Dubai market that supports enterprise development while offering one of the most desirable places to live.

Connect, network and operate as part of Jafza’s centre of excellence.

Jafza offers investors

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 0% corporate tax for 50 years
    (a concession that is renewable).
  • No restriction on capital repatriation.
  • 0% import or re-export duties.
  • 0% personal income tax.
  • No currency restrictions.
  • No restriction on foreign talent or employees.
  • Ability to mortgage your premises to a bank or financing company.
  • Onsite Customs.

Jafza’s product offerings ensure that you will find the right set-up for your needs including plots of land, warehouses, showrooms, customised development solutions, offices, retail outlets, a business park and even on-site residences.

Everything at Jafza has been designed with the unique needs of manufacturing and trading companies in mind. Come join our dynamic community of some of the most successful businesses in the world.